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handheldIn a world of quickly evolving technology and regulations Cable Leakage Technologies introduces the latest advancement in Signal Leakage detection, repair and management. From the company that, 20 years ago pioneered GPS based leakage systems and brought you the WAVETRACKER,  now comes the CLITE handheld. CLITE is the most versatile “leakage meter” the industry has ever known.
With a feature set that addresses not only traditional leakage location and measurement, but also the dynamic environment of today’s LTE and WiFi networks, CLITE is the tool for the job. All this in a unit that is the size of a smart phone and inexpensive enough to provision the entire service fleet.    

C Lite
  • Hand held Spectrum Analyzer
  • Size of an smart phone
  • Locate leakage in the LTE Band
  • Locate leakage in the Aeronautical Band
  • Detect analog or digital leakage
  • Measure wifi signal strength (2.4GHZ band)
  • Comes with a hand held Yagi tuned to the LTE Band
LTE Monitoring
  • Includes Yagi antenna
WiFi Monitoring
  • Perfect Tool for wifi installations
  • Check signal levels from router
  • Use Spectrum Analyzer function to locate potential wifi interference inside customer premises
Mid Band Leakage Monitoring
  • Frequency agile




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