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Q - A Hardware

My Wavetracker is not picking up RF leaks. The display stays on 1uV/m continuously. What could be the problem?
Check the menu of the Wavetracker to see if it is in the Channel Tagging mode. If you donít have a channel tag in the head end, set this function to NO. If you do have a Channel Tag verify that it is turned on and that the proper frequency switch is enabled. The standard Trilithic channel tag uses the 20 hz tag. Turn the 2o hz switch on. Turn the 3 hz switch off. In the Channel Tag mode the Wavetracker will continue to display 1uV/m until the Tag is detected. Call CLT Tech Support if the problem continues.

My Wavetracker seems to read too high/low. What could the problem be?
Use the Antenna Factor on the Menu settings to adjust the internal 10db pad. Measure a leak with a calibrated handheld leak detector at a distance of 10í, then drive the Wavetracker vehicle into the field. Set the distance on the Wavetracker to 10í then press the 10í button to activate this distance. Use the up/down arrows on the keypad to adjust the level to match the handheld.

How often should the Wavetracker be calibrated?
Anually. Check the Calibration sticker on the back of the unit to see when the next calibration is due.

What is the correct procedure for sending my Wavetracker in for service or calibration?
Call CLT Tech Support to acquire an RMA for return tracking.

My GPS doesnít seem to be locking in. What can I check before calling Tech Support?
Go to VIEW / GPS on the Wavetracker display screen to verify that the unit displays Satellite ID numbers. If not, call Tech Support. If you have ID numbers check the SMA fitting on the GPS antenna to make sure itís not frayed or damaged. Next, remove the fitting from the back of the docking station. While the Wavetracker is in the station and turned on check the fitting of the rear of the Docking Station with a Voltmeter. It should read approximately 5VDC.

I need to change the frequency that my Wavetracker monitors. How can I do this and what is the cost?
You must call Tech Support for an RMA to have your frequency changed. Cost is $450.

Will the ADF antenna work on my older Wavetracker?
No, the unit is designed for use with APLAS 3.i only.

My Wavetracker with the ADF antenna reads a lower RF value than my other leakage meters.
Check to make sure the power switch for the ADF is on. The switch is on the back of the docking station. Also, go to the antenna factor menu and make sure the ADF setting is chosen instead of the mono setting. If still different, use the up/down arrow keys to adjust the antenna factor.

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