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Can I run the older APLAS 2.75 program on Windows ô 2000?
No, this program is ONLY supported by Windows 98 2nd edition and below.

Will the 2.75 version of the original APLAS program ever be updated?
No, 2.75 is the last version. The mapping engine this program was based on only supports 16 bit programming making it unusable with versions of Windows (TM) after 98 2nd edition.

Will you continue to support APLAS 2.75?
CLT will continue to offer free support for version 2.75 until January of 2005. After that it will be bundled with an annual maintenance contract for $899 per year.

I canít download the CLIENT software from your website. What could be the issue?
Check with your MIS or IT department. Chances are that itís being filtered by your server. Contact us if this problem continues.

What version of Windows do I need to run the new APLAS 3.i program?
APLAS 3.i is browser based and will run on any version of Windows. There is a problem with Windows NT, however. It will not support a Compact Flash reader on a USB port and therefore canít be used to download the CF from the Wavetracker.

Who do I contact with custom programming requests for the APLAS3i program?
Contact the Tech department at CLT for quotes on custom programming.

We have recently acquired a new system in another county. How can we get the maps we need and how much will they cost?
Contact the Tech department at CLT. County maps are $395 per county.

How often are county maps upgraded and what are the upgrade fees?
Our map vendor offers semi-annual upgrades. Cost of the upgrade is 50% of the original map price, or $199.00

How can I place an order for additional maps and equipment? What type of payment do you accept?
CLT accepts P.O.s on company letterhead and credit card phone orders. All P.O.s are net 30.

Will I be contacted when an upgraded version of APLAS3i is available?
No, upgrades are done automatically in real time and are instantly available to all users.

Can I re-print workorders that have already been issued by APLAS3i?
Yes, go to the Daily Rideouts page, choose the rideout you wish to print and choose Printable Version. The rideout will be displayed in a printable PDF format.

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