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Cable Leakage Technologies is the world’s leader in the field of Automated Positional Leakage Analysis. Our patented Wavetracker product line is installed with every major MSO in all fifty states and around the world.

Since receiving our first patent in 1991 for digital RF tracking and mapping, CLT has continued to advance the industry with breakthrough technology.

CLT was granted, in 2003, a patent that covers the revolutionary Wavetracker ADF, automatic direction finding signal leakage antenna technology, the world’s most advanced solution for quickly locating and correcting signal leakage. Our latest patent granted 06/09 covers the most recent developments in the signal leakage technology arena. Titled “Method and System for automatically analyzing and modifying Cable Television signal leakage information”, it sure is a mouth full but covers more than 40 combined years of development and real world experience.

In the future, we at CLT will strive to keep our customers on the cutting edge of technology with breakthrough discoveries that make their jobs easier and their organizations more efficient. Put our genius to work for you!

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