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Cable Leakage Technologies’ Wavetracker products have been in the field for more than 10 years, and have performed millions of miles of signal leakage ride-out.

The Wavetracker 3i is quickly being recognized as the new standard for cable telecommunications leakage receivers. Over years of deployment, outstanding products and methods evolved and developed in every major MSO and state in the country. These have all been combined into the Wavetracker 3i.

From the early days of automated rideouts, CLT has introduced advanced technologies, such as incorporating a “tagged” signal in the headend to automatically differentiate multiple signal sources and using the terrestrial broadcast Differential GPS for increased positional location. Today’s Wavetracker introduces the ADF (or Auto Direction Finding antenna), WAAS differential GPS directly from satellite and proven compact flash card technology. Tying all these technologies together is the highly advanced intelligent software “Automated Positional Leakage Analysis Software version 3 intelligent”, or APLAS 3i.

It’s easy to see that the Wavetracker is a tool whose evolution has dramatically impacted the way signal leakage is managed.

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